How We Work Together

Walden Technology Professionals ADVANTAGE:

At Walden Technology Professionals, Excellence is not a goal but rather a Standard. Our value factors are not differentiators but rather inherent components of our culture that we strive, deliver and stand upon. Walden Technology Professionals delivers a competitive advantage to clients through technology strategy, architecture, software development, project management and software life-cycle maintenance services. Walden Technology Professionals reduces the risk of your most important and challenging software projects in five significant ways:


Walden Technology Professionals follows strategy based on years of hands-on experience. Collaboration with executive management to develop strategies for product development and implementation, technology and architecture constitute our highest priorities.


Walden Technology Professionals provides a detailed and real-time time visibility to our processes and your project status through a variety of Project Delivery Models (PDMs) that eliminates ambiguity and surprise and provides up-to-the-minute snapshots of the entire effort at each stage with an interactive interface for issue, change and quality management for timely delivery.


Walden Technology Professionals provides consulting services that keep financial markets running, customers banking hassle-free, patients get better and telecommunications uninterrupted. Walden leverages unparalleled industry experience to deliver mission-critical quality for clients in all industries.


Walden Technology Professionals achieves negligibly few defects in generated code built upon robust architectures and frameworks that considerably reduce costs associated with software: repair, maintenance and ongoing updates.


Walden Technology Professionals’ real partnership with customers begins after the successful delivery of engagements through comprehensive knowledge transfer, sharing of complete code and methodology, detailed documentation and post implementation maintenance and support.



Decision Support Systems Providing up-to-the-minute Business Intelligence
Corporate Performance Management Real Time Planning, Budgeting, Forecasting, Statutory Consolidation, Reporting, Analysis, Predictive Analysis, Score-carding and Dashboards
ERP Packaged Solutions, Implemented within all Governmental Compliance for scalability for single source management of several business operations within organization
CRM Effective Web Based Customer Management to attract, retain and grow customer base using automation while dedicating valuable time for business development, Marketing, Sales, Campaign Management
Web and Database Architecture Strong Object Oriented or Service Oriented Architecture on superior framework based architecture solutions for interoperability, re-usability, scalability and security
Data Warehousing Modelling Validation / Cleansing ETL Marts DSS Superior Data / Information Management

Technology Solutions Optimization

Optimizing Technology Solutions are imperative in new technology implementation is important in temperamental capital markets.

Competitive positioning organizations typically begin with technology solution, tinkering with or even overhauling the existing technologies, realigning capabilities to respond to these threats and create or redefine a path to continued profitable growth.

Walden Technology Professionals’ Technology Solution Optimization and Transformation solution provides a multidisciplinary, integrated perspective and a roll-up-your-sleeves approach to help enterprises achieve this transformational change. We work with and throughout your enterprise to help you align strategy, people, process and technology capabilities to position your organization for profitable growth, while managing the risks inherent in the transformation process.

Result Orientation:

Walden Technology Professionals’ Enterprise Strategy and Optimization solution helps organizations deal with the complexity of enterprise-wide technology transformation. Our skilled professionals have the experience and methods necessary to help your organization achieve tangible, sustainable results.

Our Enterprise Strategy and Transformation solution can help your organization improve efficiency by:

  • Creating result oriented strategies — We align and integrate your technology with your business strategy and develop practical strategies that help anticipate challenges.
  • Tangibility — Our solutions analyze the effectiveness of operations across the enterprise with an eye toward helping you get measurable results.

Optimization value — With strategy and operations aligned, your enterprise is better positioned to realize workforce improvements, process improvements, and reduced inventory costs.


Projects and Consulting

Walden Technology Professionals Technology Consulting is uniquely suited to bridge the gap between an organization’s existing IT capabilities and its vision for accelerated technology performance.

We combine deep technology expertise and strategy capabilities to cover the entire range of technology capabilities—from developing an IT strategy to solutions for optimizing the IT infrastructure and applications.


We accelerate our ability to deliver powerful, end-to-end technology solutions required by high-performance businesses and governments. We collaborate with clients to align IT strategy and technology solutions to business strategy to improve the performance and business impact of their IT investments, and to boldly transform IT to drive future business growth and innovation.
Walden Technology Professionals Technology Consulting is uniquely geared to bridge the gap between an organization’s existing IT capabilities and its vision for high performance. We have:
Experienced: Walden Technology Professionals has the experience of successfully delivering large-scale IT transformation projects.
Right resources: Our professionals bring rich experience, an understanding of business systems’ architecture and an innovative approach that mitigates risk and keeps costs manageable.
Comprehensive Approach: Our primary focus is on solving IT problems, but in order to create complete solutions and impact business outcomes positively, we incorporate strategy, technologies, processes, people, IT operations and governance. We analyze and improve opportunities across the IT landscape, we help clients implement solutions that will deliver benefits for years to come.
Technical Expertise: We’re not generalists. Our consultants bring deep technology consulting skills, proven methodologies and insights that collectively help our clients hit their cost and performance goals. We’re now working with more than 600 technology consultants around the world.
Network of alliances: We work very closely with hardware and software vendors. Our alliance relationships let us extend the range of capabilities and solutions we can offer. At the same time, our experience in alliance management reduces clients’ project risk and total cost of ownership, and streamlines the vendor evaluation and procurement processes.
Global Presence: Walden Technology Professionals has alliances with many corporations in the U.S., Europe and Asia. That means we can bring global resources and deep technical knowledge to bear 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, around the world.


Staff Augmentation

Right Talent for Right Technology:

Walden Technology Professionals understands that technology must be aligned with the strategies of our Clients and that quality resources are vital. Our methodology for selecting the right candidates for a project is designed to identify, qualify, and deliver top performers in the technology industry. Constant communication with our Clients to discuss specific objectives and company culture insures effective and successful staffing. Creating and maintaining relationships with our candidates is essential to our success.

We meet the highly specialized needs of many industries. Walden Technology Professionals has continued to invest in deepening our vertical organization. We have added team members with excellent track records in We’re proud of our teams and their talent.

Here are just a few of the reasons that our teams consistently outperform the competition:
Our success in finding the right candidate comes from our ability to apply a customized approach.Walden Technology Professionals creates a business advantage to our clients by our proven recruitment and selection process.
Our methodology is designed to identify, qualify and deliver the top performers in the technology industry. Creating and maintaining relationships with our candidates is essential to our success. That gives us invaluable insight, and the unique opportunity to fully evaluate and recommend the people who can best fit projects and company environments.
In person interview – We will discuss work history, career objectives, preferences, and technical expertise. Consultant’s / employee’s expertise and professional goals are developed and realized through our comprehensive Interview (CI) and Career Objective Plan (COB).
Feedback from References – This will ensure the proper fit for a specific project.
Interview preparation – We will provide as much information as possible to assist with the qualification process and to determine how a candidate’s skills will benefit a specific project.
Meet consultants & clients – In our local markets, we meet all of our consultants at each interview, as well as the first day on the job, for a personal introduction to our client.
Next-Day Follow-up (after start) – Each client will receive a follow-up phone call that will provide the opportunity to address any questions that may arise within their new working environment.
Weekly Calls to Consultants – These weekly calls provide the opportunity for the Walden Technology Professionals staff to check on the status of the consultant’s project and to answer any questions or work with any issues the consultant may have.
Retention Program – This process originates 45 days prior to the original project completion date. At which point, the Walden Technology Professionals staff will determine whether an extension is appropriate or a re-marketing plan must be developed for further placement opportunities.


Business Process Outsourcing

Meeting East with the West

Outsourcing has become an attractive alternative as a tactical source of inexpensive talent. Technology is now easy to use and to adapt to many business challenges. Walden Technology Professionals has a proven track record of Offshore Outsourcing, services that combine the best of both worlds: the economics and advantages of offshore development with excellent industry experience, advanced technology resource, cultural compatibility and a local consulting presence that integrates business strategy with execution.

We Offer:

  • Industry domain knowledge. We extensively research our customers’ businesses and have industry knowledge that integrates with our technology expertise.
  • We render the latest technology expertise. Our competencies range from legacy platform integration and major enterprise applications to emerging technologies such as Java, .NET, and XML web services
  • Industry standard tools to manage technology deployment and Quality Assurance as well.
  • Business Migration and Transformation. We know how to help our clients rapidly achieve their business migration and/or transformation goals.
  • Program management and change management. Our robust management processes eliminate the hurdles of managing complex offshore deployments along with managing change issues at the customer location.
  • Organizational agility. We marshal local consulting support and offshore development resources that quickly delivers time-to-benefit.